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DECIBEL product line available in Switzerland

DECIBEL product line available in Switzerland

MUTE SYSTEM ™ is a product developed and improved by the DECIBEL team. The main principle of operation of the system is the used electro-mechanical analogy mass + spring + mass.

In 2020 The DECIBEL team presented its MUTE SYSTEM product to two Swiss companies. They are leaders in the local market for acoustic materials. The precision with which the Swiss are famous has inspired us to create another premium product that will meet their high quality standards and their expectations. We called the premium product DOMINO.

DOMINO is DECIBEL's first line of high-end panels for acoustic treatment and architectural acoustics.

The combination of different perforations achieves different sound absorption and reflection.

The even distribution of areas in the DOMINO ™ panels from reflection and sound absorption leads to more even absorption and reflection of sound waves.

We presented the non-standard design and the possible over 6000 combinations with the panels from the DOMINO ™ line to engineers, acoustics and builders, from whom we received positive feedback. The presentation of our non-analog products aroused the interest of the precise Swiss and soon after that the companies became our distributors! Decibel has partnered with local distributors in Switzerland to distribute, supply and install MUTE and DOMINO systems for the residential sector!

If you are looking for sound insulation solutions in Switzerland, please contact us via


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